Wearing of Masks as of 27 January 2022

On 19 January 2022, the Prime Minister announced that face masks will no longer be mandated, though people are still advised to wear face coverings in enclosed or crowded spaces and when meeting strangers. We need to continue to do what we can to keep people safe from catching Covid-19. One way we can all help with this is by continuing to wear a face covering in our Practice and we are asking all patients (except children under the age of 11 or those patients who are medically exempt) to do that, as well as our staff. Keeping our staff safe is essential to keep operating efficiently.

The various measures we have taken, including increased use of personal protective equipment, patients wearing face masks, holding more virtual consultations, social distancing and extra premises cleans have helped protect staff, patients and visitors during the pandemic. We want to make sure you can all be confident about accessing or visiting local healthcare services safely.

If you have Covid-19 symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who does, please visit the GOV.UK website for the updated guidance as to what you should do.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation with this – it makes a significant difference.

The Albany House Medical Centre Team