Telephone System

Message to patients

 Thank you for your feedback about your experience in trying to contact the Practice. We are delighted to announce that we have changed our telephone provider and installed a brand new telephone system with the view to improve patient experience and streamline the way you can access the Practice via the telephone. 

 We have taken your feedback on board regarding the previous time frames for obtaining your results or if you have enquiries you wish to speak about as well. We appreciate your understanding and patience whilst we have been trying to change these processes. We are pleased to announce a change to the entire process regarding this now whereby appointments, results and enquiries have been merged into one telephone option and are accessible to patients throughout the Practice’s opening hours. This is to provide more flexibility and convenience to the patients based on the feedback that we had previously received.

 When you contact the Practice via the telephone, please note that the options had recently changed. We ask that you listen to the options in full please to familiarise yourself with these. 

 When calling the Practice, you will hear these options:

 Option 1 is for home visit requests 

 Option 2 is for cancelling an appointment

 Option 3 is for Healthcare professionals only wishing to speak to a health professional about a patient registered at the Practice, that is not the healthcare professional themself

 For anything else, please continue to stay on the line ( this is for appointments, enquiries and test results between 08:30 and 18:30)

 Our lines are open between 08:00-18:30 Monday to Friday.

 We appreciate your feedback on the length of waiting times on the phones and therefore have enabled an option which you may opt to use if you wish as follows:

 After a short period of waiting in the queue for your call to be answered, you will be offered the option for a call back. This will keep your place in the queue and once you reach number one you will be called back. We have implemented this option to allow you more flexibility and convenience so that you do not need to stay on hold for the duration of the queue. We hope you will find this option beneficial. If you try this option, we ask that you keep your phone with you with the volume turned on to answer the call back.

 Once again, we sincerely hope our new telephone system and change in processes outlined above will facilitate a more positive and better patient experience for you.

 We welcome feedback from you regarding this or if there is anything else you feel you would like to make us aware of, please leave a message with a member of the team you speak to or write in to the Practice for the attention of the Assistant Practice Manager.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

 The Albany House Medical Centre Team