Healthcare Team

Physician Associate

Jenipher Baber (f)

Physician associates work directly under a GP and have many of the same skills, such as examining and diagnosing patients, ordering diagnostic tests and managing chronic illness.

Clinical Pharmacists

Angela Fenton (f)

Clinical pharmacists are highly trained specialists in medicines. They help to ensure all patients are receiving the most effective treatment by carrying out regular structured medication reviews and helping in the management of long-term medical conditions.

Community Nurses

District nurses work closely with our GPs to provide nursing care, support and advice to those people suffering acute, long-term and terminal illnesses, both in their own homes and within residential care.

Health Visitors

The role of our health visitors is to improve public health by working with individuals, families and communities. The main focus of their work is families with children from birth to 5 years. The health visitors offer individual or family appointments, at surgery, home or a community location, according to the wishes and needs of patients.