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HE                                 Chair

JL                                  Vice Chair

PB                                 Secretary

MH                                Practice Rep









Minutes of last meeting held 14th December 2015 approved by all present




Minutes of all meetings – discussion took place regarding, publishing on website, intranet and editing beforehand, NAPP Survey


PRACTICE NEWS               


CQC – A visit scheduled for 9th February 2016, HE to attend


Some practices have been given notice to terminate phlebotomy. Albany House is awaiting clarification regarding funding for their service. Meanwhile it has been reduced by 40%, now only available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


The Practice has been volunteered for pilot Antibiotic Guardian programme, still awaiting outcome


Did Not Attend (DNA) people report, Joan stated that no change had occurred for 23 years. We're repeating ourselves. MH explained there are many issues surrounding taking action to resolve the DNA situation including Mental Health and Child Immunisation. So far SMS reminders and warning letters are the only steps taken to reduce non attendance.


NAPP REPORT                              JL


Joan asked for suggestions from the group as to topics from the newsletter for her to investigate further so that she can introduce them at future meetings. Newsletter is sent to everyone by Joan on a monthly basis.


GP Survey – 5 issues covered


1 Mental Health Services - Access and quality   


2 Primary Care Services   - Access to GP's and Dental Care


3 Social Care Services    - Quality of Care Homes/Home Care Services


4 Provision of a seamless service by services working together


5 Hospital Discharges – right time and support to enable effective                                                    recovery .


Online services – 3,000 registrations although not all use the service


Report- Wellingborough Health Engagement Group (WHEG) HE


Not all practices in Wellingborough have a PPG


HE provided minute taker with a written handout covering his attendance at the meeting which included a proposal from the WHEG to arrange a seminar/workshop for all PPG'S in the Wellingborough zone to exchange ideas and good practice. Aimed for later in the year.


HE has increased his responsibilities to that of Vice Chair on the group


The meeting was interrupted by Dr Coulson who quickly apologised for not being available to attend our meeting today. MH then also apologised as he may not have 'booked out' appropriate time.




Various members of the group commented on a way forward including a recruitment drive, but it was generally agreed that it was important for the group to have guidance from the practice as a priority. Also in the discussions was a potential request for a budget that can be influenced by the PPG.



Agreement was reached that HE (chair) and JL (vice chair) to possibly attend a regular practice meeting being held on the 22nd February 2016 at approximately 1pm to introduce our concerns.



There then followed discussions covering any other business, including disabled parking for staff, treatment area and Agenda items for next meeting.


Agenda for next meeting is attached




DATE OF NEXT MEETING 8th March 2016 10.00 am

December 14 2015

1. Minutes of the last meeting were approved after a discussion:

  • Minutes not on the website. Action: MH
  • Minutes should be unedited – if anything is not to be minuted that needs to be declared at the time.
  • Minutes to go on the Intranet for staff to see. Action: MH
  • Discussion around the decision not to complete the NAPP survey – some members not happy with that decision
  • Concern about negativity

2. Chair. PW has resigned – thanked by the group for his work over the last year. HE proposed and seconded as chair. JL to deputise. Secretary PB – noted a carer would also attend to take notes


3. WHEG – nothing to report. Did not meet as planned because chair was not available. HE commented that the group was ineffective and monopolised by the chair


4. PPG Survey results (125 patients surveyed):

Were patients able to book an appointment at a convenient time? 93% yes

Was the waiting time on the ‘phone acceptable? 65% yes

Did they see who they wanted to see? 73% yes

Did they use the check-in? 74%

Receptionists helpful? 96% yes

Signed up to use SMS text? 57% yes

Signed up to order repeats online? 24%

Treatment area appearance is OK? – 85% yes

Sufficient time with GP/nurse – 93% yes

Overall satisfaction (scale 1 to 10 where 1 is lowest and 10 is highest)

4=2%, 5=3%, 6=12%, 7=11%, 8=31%, 9=16%, 10=25%


Treatment area scores very well

Phones a problem first thing

Facilities are Ok

Responses may vary depending on outcome and who seen

We have many loyal patients

Maybe run again in 12 months, but questions should be reviewed. Also consider different days/times

Wollaston is to be done


5. Foreign registrations – noted the very high number and the impact on the queue at times. MH commented that we had looked at limiting registrations to certain times. MH was asked if the work could be done elsewhere? Action: MH to review where we are with that idea

6. PPG project work. There is sentiment that more guidance and involvement of the partners is needed:

Agreed there should be a PPG lead GP. Action: MH will propose at the next meeting with Partners

Partner(s) to attend every other meeting and give guidance about the work the group could do

Better integration and feedback from Partners is needed.


6. Someone from NAPP to address the group. Action: JL

NAPP bulletin – noted there are ideas from other groups that the group could follow up – eg antibiotic guardians, NHS E facilities money, 7 day opening, …

Make the bulletin a fixed agenda item each meeting. Action: secretary

PPG poster – agreed there should be one. Action: Ideas to be brought to the next meeting


7.PPG constitution – to be reviewed at the next meeting. Action: MH will circulate

8. Inside door at AH – sensor needs attention. Action: MH

Automated arrivals – noted request to lower one to make useable by a wheelchair user. Action: PB to help MH to get the height right


9. Staff photos – comment that nothing done to get photos of all staff on display. MH said that he believed consent would be needed. Initial feelers had indicated that some staff would not consent.


10. Disabled access – MH reminded the group that they had pressed for improved access at Wollaston and that had been done. Agreed that a similar survey at Albany should be done by PB. Action: PB/MH. Noted a cost is involved


11. Reception – noted that someone in reception had arrived at 08:40 for work, carrying coffee and then proceeded to chat. Action: MH to raise with reception team leader


12. Project to consider – increasing the use of online services. Action: Group

Meeting dates for 2016

Feb 8, Apr 18, May 23, 4 July, 15 Aug, 26 Sept, 7 Nov, 19 Dec

November 16 2015

Present: 8 members plus AHMC manager

Apologies: ML


Minutes of the previous meeting – reviewed and agreed. Discussed what should be/ should not be in the minutes. Agreed that the full minutes should be circulated to PPG members but that an edited summary only should go on the website. Action: MH for this meeting. Minute taker for future meetings.

Staff parking – concerns raised about staff parking around the building. MH explained that staff working late (ie to 18:30) are allowed to park round the building because of safety concerns. Staff have repeatedly been reminded about the rule, and will be reminded again. Action: MH

Management changes. The practice manager has left. MH not aware of any plans to cover/replace.

WHEG – no news. It has not met since the last meeting.

Friends and family test – results up to the end of October are very positive with a 95% satisfaction rate.

NAPP survey – the group attempted to complete but abandoned as a waste of time. Action: Chair to write to NAPP.

PPG survey – not yet completed but interim results were discussed. No major action points at this stage. Action: PPG to complete the interviews. Chair will consolidate and feedback to practice. Action: Chair

Engagement of partners with the PPG. Group not happy with the lack of engagement of GP partners. Not necessarily a partner to attend for every meeting. Action: MH will raise at his next meeting (which I have done. Partners have agreed to attend for 30 minutes at every other meeting. Or more frequently if needs dictate).

PPG role. Discussion around how effective the PPG really is. There is a general feeling that it is not effective and therefore in danger of people leaving. Agreed:

  1. More GP input (see 8 above)
  2. Can partners suggest areas the PPG could look at?
  3. MH suggests more contact with NAPP to see what might be learned from other PPGs

Wollaston – following the last meeting, MH discussed with partners GP plans to improve services at Wollaston. MH explained that the number of NN29 patients registered there has not really increased following increasing the number of sessions from 3 to 4. In the current financial climate, resources (ie GPs/nurses/ reception) cannot be diverted away from Albany House. However, the practice will review again in 6m.

Meeting dates for 2016 – to be agreed at the December meeting. Meetings to be bi-monthly

Treatment area – concerns about the cupboard doors and the lock on the vaccine fridge door. Cupboard doors are a recurrent problem and the caretaker will tighten up the locks if they need attention – but only if treatment area tell him. As to the fridge, it has to be lockable because the public could access that area. The lock is broken and cannot be fixed (the manufacture and Rutherfords have been asked to check). A new pharmacy fridge would cost up to £1000. The cost is simply not justifiable just to replace a lock)

PW proposing to stand down as chair at the end of the year. Anyone interested in taking over to raise at the next meeting,

Next meeting December 14; same time

October 19 2015

Present: 7 members, 1 apology, no practice representative

Minutes of the meeting on september 2015 were read and approved


The role of secretary was discussed and will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

A discussion was held re the minute taking being rotated. JL agreed to compile them for this meeting. To be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

PW will find out how we can publish the minutes on the Albany House web site


Practice News.

It was disappointing that there was no representation from the Practice at the meeting.


WHEG Feedback

These meetings are now to be bi monthly. HE stated that he did not think this was workable unless the agenda was shortened substantially.


PMS Practices are to have their budgets reduced over the next few years and the monies distributed around the other Practices.


Flu vaccine information has been sent out to local businesses encouraging them to inform their staff re where to get them or provide the facility themselves.

There is a COPD event in October and some Winter Well-being events in November.

Next meeting 8th December.



Future representation at WLEG.   JL is concerned because PW has resigned as the Deputy Rep at these meetings. CB has agreed to attend the next meeting with HE..


My PPG Web site.   At the last meeting MH mentioned this web site and JL agreed to look in to it. Unfortunately nothing could be found in a search pertaining to PPG's in the context of Patient Participation Groups.


Telephone System option 4   Would it be possible to inform the enquirer where they are in the queue.


Mental health needs monitoring   this was discussed and the general feeling was that any mental health needs re ongoing health issues could mainly be patient/family/carer led.


Patient survey for November info was distributed.


To establish who would be our practice rep PW will write to Dr Coulson.


PB raised concerns regarding the facilities and the 'manning' at the Wollaston surgery in the light of the new surgery that has opened in the village that has full time doctors and nursing input.


CB commented on the disabled car parking around the Surgery. She mentioned that she had seen a member of Surgery staff using one of the disabled spaces. However she did not have any proof that this person was not disabled.It was mentioned that there would possibly be problems in the future with any parking in the street as the road was to become a bus route.


CW mentioned that a surgery attached to a university had a 'picture gallery' of all the staff plus a list of Drs specialities in practice. This was thought to be excellent by the group and had been mentioned at other meetings but no action was ever taken.


The next meeting will be 16th November 2015 10am in the Albany House Meeting Room.



September 21 2015

Present: 7 members  plus manager, 1 apology received

  1. Minutes of the last meeting agreed with the addition that there still seems to be a problem with the opening message on the phones - Albany House sometimes not named. Option 4 also needs checking
  2. PMS review. MH explained that NHS England will cut practice funding, some of which will be reinvested in primary care (but not necessarily in the practice). MH explained that a range of services are under threat, ran through a list of those under threat. The PPG did not feel able to engage in a discussion about priorities; members generally could not see any logic in the cuts but accepted that that some services may have to be terminated or reduced.
  3. Things to check:
    • Website mentions the merger - remove
    • Spring newsletter is still on display in places
  4. Noted the front steps are in poor condition
  5. Noticeboards are very untidy with too much random content. Agreed to remove all but essential posters. In future the notice boards to be used for targetted health promotion campaigns. PPG agreed to manage these, and to remove all the current content
  6. Discussion around parking - not very much the practice can do to increase space close to Albany House. MH was asked about staff parking - MH described what arrangements there are to allow staff to park around the building. PPG agreed these were acceptable
  7. PPG - there is nothing on display to encourage recruitment or to inform patients about the work the PPG does. MH said that there is a video on the TVs (but not sure it is currently running) and there is a patient leaflet which is overdue a review. MH agreed to send out copies of both
  8. PPG survey. Dates agreed among those wanting to take part. MH will provide visitor badges

August 10 2015

Present: 7 plus manager. 1 apology

 Minutes of the previous meeting – approved

  1. PPG news
    1. Reminder that minutes are to posted on the website a few days after members have had the opportunity to review
  2. Practice news:
    1. Results on the national patient survey comparing the practice to other local practices was reviewed. We come out reasonably well, with no particular areas of concern. No actions identified
    2. Funding – a significant cut in funding is highly likely. The practice is exploring what options it has to mitigate the effects.
    3. The merger with other practices is now formally off the agenda. The practice is exploring another option with another group of practices that falls short of merging
    4. Staff – HCA Rosie and nurse Rosie have given notice.
  3. WHEG – (Wellingborough Health Engagement group) - PW has resigned; both PW and HE feel the WHEG is not functioning well and that it is not effective. Given that, no-one else is willing to replace PW.
  4. PPG Patient survey – agreed a draft set of questions. These to be circulated for comment. Timing – after MH comes back in September
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